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  • Helps students for transition towards college and make them ready for a successful career

  •  The curriculum and the instructions for students are rigorous and engaging

  • Designed to be flexible, dynamic, and customize to meet the child needs

  • 60 minutes live lessons are provided by our certified teachers to introduce the unit, provide an overview of the assignments, discuss major concepts and misconceptions, and provide links to important resources. 

  • Students can get questions answers and get help planning their weekly schedule to complete the unit on pace. 

  • Small groups hours are also available throughout the week to offer support, planned content and answer questions related to the unit.

  •  400 + core, elective, and advanced options

Our program serves students from different backgrounds with varying goals.

  • Athletes and performers

  • Homebound students

  • Advanced students who seek challenges not available at their local schools

  • Homeschooler

  • Students with families that travel

  • Career-Bound Student

  • Students struggling academically or socially in a traditional school environment

  • Students with special needs

  • Students who want to get ahead or catch up.

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Parties This PRIVATE SCHOOL TUITION CONTRACT (“Contract”), made by and between Sai Rivero, School Director of MGM Academy of Excellence (“School”) located at 8040 NW 155th Street, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 and (“Client”). In consideration of the mutual promises and covenants in this Contract, of which the receipt and sufficiency are hereby acknowledged, the parties further agree to the terms as follows: Nature of the Contract The Client agrees to pay tuition for the educational services as defined in the student’s education program from the School. Furthermore, the School agrees to provide the educational services described in the student’s education program in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of the Indiana Department of Education. The Company and the Client agree to comply with the requirements enforced by the Commissioner of Education and the Department of Education. Terms and Conditions • TERM. This Contract will be effective for the current School Year. The contract will be renewed every year, automatically until it is cancelled. • WARRANTIES OF THE SCHOOL. The School warrants that it operates according to the applicable federal and state laws and rules and regulations of the Indiana Department of Education. The School guarantees that it will not discriminate against any employee or student regardless of race, creed, color, disability, national origin, ancestry, or gender identity. • TUITION FEE. The Client agrees to pay the School a tuition fee of $500 each month for the entire school year. The Client shall pay an initial deposit of five hundred dollars ($500.00) upon signing this Contract. The initial deposit amount will be deducted from the total bill due at the end of the school year. • LATE FEE. The Client shall pay the School the monthly tuition due no later than the first (1st) week of each month. If the monthly tuition is not paid twenty (20) days after it is due, the Client will be charged $50 per month on the unpaid balance. • PAYMENT METHOD. The Client will pay the specified fees above to the School via an electronic invoice. • WITHDRAWAL. The Client must pay the remaining tuition fees for the rest of the school year if the student is withdrawn from the school for any reasons other than the School’s request or a mutual agreement during the school year. Any requests for a refund by the Client must be first agreed in writing with the School. • ENTIRE CONTRACT. This entire Contract is governed by the State of Florida and shall bind the parties until its termination.


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Customize-Career Driven Curriculum


In partnership with Edmentum, MGM academy offer a curriculum that is purely molded to create opportunities for students. Our programs do not merely focus on providing the students with degrees and diplomas but also to able them. The curriculum and the programs we offer are focused to bring leaders out of the students which enables them to learn skills for a successful practical life and to live independently.

MGM Academy offers a catalog of over 400 Edmentum courses. This State-of-the-Art, accredited career-driven curriculum enables us to offer a comprehensive, customize online learning experience that is based on real-world skills and aligned to state and national standards.

  • It is 100% online

  • Accredited through Cognia

  • Flexible

  • Self-paced and teacher-guided

  • Tailored according to the students’ unique needs.

  •  Rigorous and Engaging Content

  • Text to speech so students can listen to the lesson

  • Career-driven which helps to provide the struggling students more easy and effective pathways to graduation for a bright future. Offering over 100 semesters of Career and Technical Education courses in all 16 nationally recognized career clusters, students engage in a learning experience relevant to the real world.

  • Aligned to state and National Standards in core subject areas-English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies

Online Middle School Online Private High School ​in Miami

Online Middle School | Online Private High School


After Elementary Education, the child must be fully qualified to proceed to High School, consisting of grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. This stage is the middle stage in a person’s education. Here students will gain much more knowledge and encounter more complex subjects to properly prepare and assist students in the transition to college and prepare them for a successful career.

At MGM Online Private High School, we provide meaningful learning according to the student’s individual needs and the expectations and challenges of High School. We have a professional and specialized team that supports the growth process of students and families in this stage, reinforcing problem-solving, social skills, and care for oneself and others, essential aspects in this age group.

In virtual high school program we offer support to our students in their vocational orientation and life project. It strengthens the skills that allow them to face national and international university challenges resolving conflicts in the global world.

Yes, it is. Online high school students at our MGM Academy get 100% personalized learning through real-time online classes with certified teachers and an interactive and engaging curriculum that makes them self-reliant with their studies and take more responsibility for their education through our virtual school. Our online high school classes prepare students for the next phase of their educational journey.

Our virtual virtual high school program is based on the principles of children’s learning, while our Online Private High School platform harnesses the power of technology to bring the academy to life. Our school’s curriculum and instruction for students are rigorous and engaging, designed to be flexible, dynamic, and personalized to meet students’ needs.

At MGM Academy, students can choose from more than 400 options; basics, elective and advanced courses. Our online high school classes help students find what they are interested in and follow that path to success after graduation in college or the world of work.