Providing the Tools for a Life of Learning with ABA therapy


Day Treatment Program-Center Based


Our center-based treatment program provide children with a structured environment in which they learn a variety of skills needed in the school setting. It is an intensive, one-to-one program geared to teach essential skills to children soon to enter kindergarten. 

Children attend half a day or a full day depending on individual assessment and identified needs. 

The program runs year-round, Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 7:00PM.

Benefits of Center-Based ABA Therapy

1. Structured Learning Environment

2. Maximum Therapist Interaction

3. Collaboration 

4. Peer Interaction

5. School Preparation

6. Specialized VPK 

School-Based Treatment Program


These services include the application of applied behavior analysis in the school setting. 

Home-Based Treatment Program


Home-based ABA provides an excellent way to teach skills that your child uses at his or her natural environment, right in the comfort of your home. 

Social Skills Program


The program strengthen your child's ability for meaningful social relationships.

Social skills are the foundation for getting along with others and lacking this important skill can lead to peer rejection, feelings of isolation which can lead to emotional difficulties, bullying and difficulty in making friends. 

Groups are run three times per week for 2-3 hours. Each member's progress is periodically assessed and goals and curriculum are adjusted accordingly. 

Toddler Social Skills Group (2 years old to 4 years old)

1. Greeting peers 

2. Initiating interactions

3. Sharing with peers

4. Taking turn

5. Joint Attention and cooperative play

6. Following Directions

7. Making eye contact

8. Problem solving skills

Elementary Social Skills Group (Kindergarten -5th Grade)

1. Interest in others

2. Building friendships and relationships

3. Developing flexibility within play

4. Increasing engagement and expanding conversation skills

5. Developing perspective taking abilities.

6. Learning how to be appropriately assertiveness and mastering appropriate conflict resolution skills.

Middle School Social Skills Group (6th grade to 8th grade)

1. Strengthening fundamental social skills while learning how to generalize skills across various people and environment.

2. Mix conversation

3. Experience sharing

4. Role Play

5. Independence

6. Changing peer relationships and pressures

7. Developing social confidence

8. Conflict resolution

High School Social Skills Group (9th grade-12th grade)

1. Strengthen social awareness and the ability to interpret social cues

2. Conflict resolution

3. socially appropriate behaviors across context

4. Self-discovery

Benefits of Social Skills Group 

1. Children learn age appropriate behaviors to apply in social situations.

2. Children interact and learn from each other.

3. Children have the opportunity to practice the skills with peers in a supportive environment.

Parent Education and Training Program


Parent training is an important component of any successful treatment. Through this program, parents learn to apply the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to ensure the child success.

Benefits of parent education and training

1. Improve your child's communication

2. Decrease problem behaviors

3. Promote independence

4. Ensure consistency across setting.

K-12 Specialize Educational Program


The program offers the opportunity for students to succeed academically. Our specialize K-12 educational program offers various levels of flexibility, personalized instruction, and one-to-one support for children who do not adapt to traditional public or private school in grades K-12.



· Greater educational freedom

· Flexibility

· Satisfaction that your child is learning, developing real life skills, and maturing in a way that aligns to your goals and values

· Build stronger relationships with your child

· You child will not have to suffer social pressure, bullying, violence, gun, etc.

· Increase self-esteem and motivation

· Self-paced learning

· Greater socialization

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Telehealth ABA

Telebehavioral health consists of an applied behavior analyst working at a remote location, providing the same kind of evaluations and therapy they would in the office, but through live videoconferencing. 

Telebehavioral health serves as an alternative to in-person behavioral health services. Even for families that live in communities where ABA services are readily available, remote therapy sessions can be a very convenient way to maximize the frequency of therapy and augment the benefits of in-person sessions.

Our Telehealth ABA Program includes:

· Functional Behavior Assessment

· Behavior Plan with strategies to address specific behaviors

· Parent education and training

· ABA program implementation

· Supervision and monitoring of program

Service Delivery

Services take place at home. 


Parent/caregiver participation is required


Recommended hours are based on the results of the behavioral assessment and evidence-based research.  


· Maximize the frequency of therapy

· Lower treatment cost

· Improvement in parent’s stress level

· Increase the family ability to communicate with your child

· Convenience