Customize-Career Driven Curriculum

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In partnership with Edmentum, MGM academy offer a curriculum that is purely molded to create opportunities for students. Our programs do not merely focus on providing the students with degrees and diplomas but also to able them. The curriculum and the programs we offer are focused to bring leaders out of the students which enables them to learn skills for a successful practical life and to live independently.

MGM Academy offers a catalog of over 400 Edmentum courses. This State-of-the-Art, accredited career-driven curriculum enables us to offer a comprehensive, customize online learning experience that is based on real-world skills and aligned to state and national standards.

  • It is 100% online

  • Accredited through Cognia

  • Flexible

  • Self-paced and teacher-guided

  • Tailored according to the students’ unique needs.

  •  Rigorous and Engaging Content

  • Text to speech so students can listen to the lesson

  • Career-driven which helps to provide the struggling students more easy and effective pathways to graduation for a bright future. Offering over 100 semesters of Career and Technical Education courses in all 16 nationally recognized career clusters, students engage in a learning experience relevant to the real world.

  • Aligned to state and National Standards in core subject areas-English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies


Social-Emotional Learning curriculum is a comprehensive social-emotional learning program that teaches students friendly skills in managing their emotions, improving the ability to set and achieve positive goals, maintaining positive relationships, leadership. 


  • 9 Full Semester Course
  • 63 Intervention Courses
  • Interactive Activities
  • Only $30 per month or $300 annually

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Pre-K Education

We provide a safe, nurturing environment where children learn, grow, and thrive. The program enhances your child’s learning experiences by encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and early math, and literacy skills. MGM program is interactive and bridges the experiences in classrooms to students’ homes and communities to create a strong connection for learning. The step-by-step learning path presents a full Pre-K curriculum designed to guide the young learner. As the student completes each lesson, the student is guided to the next level.

Elementary Education

  • Collaborative and project-based approach
  • Parents are involved for more effective results
  • Both print and digital curriculum is provided for the students
  • Qualified and certified teachers offer 30-60 minutes live lessons and live help aligned to the coursework. Live lessons and live help are available at various times throughout the day to provide flexibility, allow for small group sizes, encourage collaboration, build community, allow for time to ask questions, and offer support.
  • Direct instructions are provided around the concepts aligned to the curriculum.

Middle and High School Education

  • Helps students for transition towards college and make them ready for a successful career
  •  The curriculum and the instructions for students are rigorous and engaging
  • Designed to be flexible, dynamic, and customize to meet the child needs
  • 60 minutes live lessons are provided by our certified teachers to introduce the unit, provide an overview of the assignments, discuss major concepts and misconceptions, and provide links to important resources. 
  • Students can get questions answers and get help planning their weekly schedule to complete the unit on pace. 
  • Small groups hours are also available throughout the week to offer support, planned content, and answer questions related to the unit.
  •  400 + core, elective, and advanced options

Career Path

  • Students are provided with highly demanded vocational pathways. Moreover, they are made skillful enough to give their best.
  • Train and polish the qualities and skills required by industries.
  • Provide students with alternative graduation programs to meet their interests and special needs

Advanced Learners

We offer Advance Learner Programs for students who are ready for more academic challenges and get ahead. Enrichment options include:
  • Curriculum compacting, allowing the student for more rapid progress
  • Enrichment topics
  • Individual course advancement and industry certification options

SAT & ACT Prep

We know that college entrance exam preparation is a big undertaking for students. But, even so, if you’re proactive in your preparation efforts, you can go into test day feeling calm and confident.

What’s included in SAT & ACT Self-Paced

  • Individualized preparation that identifies knowledge gaps and provides aligned instructions
  • Comprehensive preparation that provides instruction on assessed topics. 
  • Structured curriculum that addresses the topic covered on the assessments.
  • Integrated assessments that allow learners to move past content they have already mastered.
  • Practice opportunities to test student’s knowledge with a large bank of practice items aligned to the topics covered on the SAT and ACT assessments.


In partnership with Liberty University Online, MGM Academy offers a dual enrollment program designed for high school juniors and seniors who want to earn college credit while still in high school.
We also collaborate with your local collage to expand the students’ opportunity to take courses at their own campus.
Each Dual Enrollment program is available to all eligible high school juniors and seniors.

In partnership with Maxwell International Academy, MGM Academy offers a diverse of individual courses that can be structured to maximize the student’s potential. The courses can be taken online while still attending the student’s primary school program

Helpful Links

·        Teachers Interaction Q&A

·        Recording of Live Math Small Group Session (student video removed for privacy reasons)

·        Recording of Algebra I Live Lesson Practice Session (some components of student interactions are removed for privacy reasons)

·        English 10A Recorded Lesson – overview of a graded activity (this is a recording for students unable to attend a live lesson session)

·        Edmentum Courseware: Learner Overview – YouTube

Who We Serve

Our program serves students from different backgrounds with varying goals.
  • Athletes and performers
  • Homebound students
  • Advanced students who seek challenges not available at their local schools
  • Homeschooler
  • Students with families that travel
  • Career-Bound Student
  • Students struggling academically or socially in a traditional school environment
  • Students with special needs
  • Students who want to get ahead or catch up.