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What is MGM academy?

MGM Academy is a private virtual school where students can outreach for many outlying opportunities that helps them develop both mentally and physically. Apart from offering up to 12th-grade education, we also arrange extra-curricular and clinical services for students. 

What is the fee structure?

 Full Academic Year

(SAVE 10%)
Lower (K–5)$5,500$5,000
Middle (6–8)$5,700$5,130
Upper (9–12)$5,900$5,310

 Monthly Payment Plan




Lower (K–5)


Middle (6–8)


Upper (9–12)


 Can I leave a course and get a refund?

Yes, you can leave the course or any graduate program. We allow refunds for graduate programs only. It takes 30 days to make the refund.

Can I get any discount?

Yes, currently offer the following concessions

  • 10% New family discount
  • 10% for Military families
  • 5% tuition fee discount for multi-child family

Is there a flexible payment plan?

Yes, MGM provides you with the flexibility to create a payment plan to pay down tuition in installments. MGM will create different pay plan schedules and rates for the student. See Monthly Payment Plan.

How will I Start?

  • You will need to enroll first. Click here to enroll
  • You will require a laptop, internet, and camera device to take online classes.
  • You can quickly your questions during the lecture or via our learning management system (LMS) portal.

Is my graduation diploma valid?

Yes, our graduate program is accredited, nationally recognized, and valid for university/college enrollments. 

What clinical services does MGM academy provide?

Our clinical services are focused on a socio-emotional curriculum so students can experience and achieve at their total capacity as a sound mind holds acknowledgment. Our clinical services include psychological training, group, health, and social therapy. We also help students with some medical conditions like autism.

Are clubs and extracurricular activities included in the tuition or a separate thing?

Clubs and extracurricular activities are included in the tuition. 

Is clinical service included in the course or a separate thing?

Our clinical services are part of our graduate programs for Florida Residents at this time. MGM offers clinical support based on each student’s needs in coordination with our sister company MGM Behavioral. Our clinical program is specially designed for children with socio-emotional problems. It helps the students to achieve their socio-emotional needs so that they become fully mature socially and emotionally. Embedded within their core courses, students are taught psycho-social concepts through supportive and therapeutic dialogues. This helps them to understand these concepts and they start to apply them to themselves. Resultantly, they start to change and adapt their behavior and skills, start communicating, set goals, and ultimately achieving them.

Do you accept scholarships?

Yes, we do accept scholarships for Florida residents only. Please call us or email us at [email protected] 

How does the school support children with special needs?

Our certified teachers provide accommodations for students with special needs as highlighted in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and available in a virtual setting. Once IEP is submitted to the school administration, the Teacher will access the information and plan accordingly.

How does the adaptive diagnostic assessment work?

The diagnostic assessments are computer-adaptive tests that measure skill readiness and academic growth in mathematics, reading, and language arts. As students take the assessment, the algorithm of the test works in real-time to deliver specific questions. For example, if the student answers incorrectly, the assessment lowers the difficulty level for the next item. On the other hand, if the student answers correctly, the assessment raises the difficulty level for the next item. This video provides details on the goals and process.

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