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Elementary Education (K-5)

The elementary education years are a great time to utilize digital curriculum to encourage the curiosity of the students, teach critical thinking skills, and offer multi-modal learning opportunities.

  • Collaborative and project-based approach to learning.
  • Utilizes the Calvert Curriculum
  • Students receive direct instructions and then practice and apply in a project-based activities that help connect their learning with real-world situations.
  • Learning is led by State-Certified teachers.
  • 100% online
  • Flexible

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Online Elementary Education​​ in Miami | Online Elementary School

Online Elementary Education​


The elementary school programs online consists of grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 aimed at children from 6 to 10 years of age. It is an educational level that promotes integral development, focusing on an inquiry basis for learning and discovering the world.

We strengthen and develop children’s values and critical thinking through dynamic and creative activities in elementary education.

Our Online Elementary Education curriculum has the main elements: knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action, which allow the student to understand the acquired knowledge, enabling them to learn skills for a successful practical life.

In addition to the basics disciplinary areas, at MGM Academy, we offer elective subjects in art, dance, and music, looking for the development of our students’ talents from an early age.

Throughout our online school for elementary students, children receive training in different skills with important implications for their personal and academic development in the years to come. These include the recognition and handling of letters that compose the alphabet to read and write correctly in the native language; and basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Children will also be able to improve their schooling skills by learning the basics of other languages, social and cultural sciences, biological sciences, history, writing, and linguistics, according to their age and grade level. Online Elementary Education​.

Our elementary school programs online caters to students from different backgrounds with different goals, including:

– Athletes and artists.

– Homebound students.

– Advanced students seeking challenges are not available at their regular schools.

– Homeschoolers.

– Students with traveling families or in places where they can not study in a regular school.

– Students with academic or social difficulties in a traditional school setting.

– Students with special needs.

– Students who want to get ahead or catch up.

– Any child between the ages of 6 and 10 who wants to develop their talents with our methodology.

The main difference; is we don’t use recorded classes; we use live sessions led by certified and expert teachers in each subject. Students receive personalized education focused on their strengths and inclinations. We offer a collaborative and project-based approach to education.

Yes, being a 100% virtual school, we provide our educational services throughout the country, including students who live abroad and decide to continue their studies on our platform in Miami Lakes.

MGM Academy provides an evaluated, printed, and digital curriculum for students, a vital part of the elementary school online. It allows them to reflect on what is understood and learned from each course or subject. It is a tool for teachers to help children learn about their abilities and assimilate instruction.

To enroll your son or daughter in MGM online elementary school, you must first complete the registration form. Our Online Elementary Education​​ will use the contact information you provide to contact you and give all the information about our services and the requirements to complete the process.

The elementary school online programs we offer at our academy primarily focuses on the individual needs of our students. We use active learning strategies, project-based methodologies, and a standards-based assessment system that measures the development of skills and competencies of our students.

Our Online Elementary Education​​ method is constructivist, with meaningful learning. Learning takes place through competency development; we encourage our students to be able to solve situations and problems from any context, starting from being, knowing, and knowing how to do.

The main objective of our elementary school online is to provide learning such as oral expression and comprehension, writing, reading, arithmetic, the acquisition of basic knowledge of culture, study, and work, as well as habits of coexistence, artistic sense, creativity, and affectivity; competencies for the development of a human being in society.

These teachings ensure students’ comprehensive training and prepare them for secondary education. Our teaching methodology has an individual approach and adapts to the different learning rhythms of each girl or boy.

At this stage of elementary education, we emphasize the diversity of the students. We offer personalized attention according to their individual needs, putting into action measures to reinforce possible learning difficulties to achieve school success.

Online Elementary Education​​ is a fundamental step in a child’s life; it is a process that aims to form students with basic knowledge in different areas.

A bit of everything is taught, such as mathematics, history, literature, geography, science, social studies, etc.

In addition, accredited online elementary school programs provide a socialization space where students can build cognitive and social skills. It allows them to relate and strengthen virtual bonds with their teachers and classmates through a directed team; and individual work, contributing positively and efficiently to the comprehension and practice of their rights and duties.

Online Elementary Education​​ require some particular skills like self-discipline and technological application handling that are difficult for children in elementary education.

For this reason, children from 6 to 10 years old must be with their parents to receive the classes and thus obtain more effective results.

Online Elementary Education | Our qualified and certified teachers offer 30-60 minute live lessons and live help aligned with coursework. Help and live classes are available multiple times throughout the day using technology platforms to provide communication, flexibility, small group support, encourage collaboration, group work, and individual practice, build community, allow time for questions, and offer support.

MGM Online Elementary School offers a curriculum designed to create opportunities for your children, providing the following advantages:

– Protect them: the child will not miss any classes; will study at the best school without leaving home.

– Completely virtual interaction: studying online gives more flexibility to the student, who can perform the activities at his own pace, without time restrictions, from anywhere on any device.

– No more expenses: the prices of distance elementary education are more attractive, and it is possible to study without investing a lot of money in school transportation, food, supplies, uniforms, etc.

– Digital support channels: students can maintain direct communication with their teachers through virtual counseling and digital support channels (forum, chat, e-mail, etc.).

– Shared learning: the teacher also has more flexibility and can transmit the same video class to many students.

– Competency-based educational model: we seek to demonstrate students’ performance and mastery of competencies about their knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

– User-friendly platform: we use a user-friendly platform where students can find the resources and activities to be developed.

The student should dedicate the necessary time to perform their activities; students go at the pace of learning. Every day should invest enough time to study and review. Time is up to each student; the progress will be according to the time spent.

It is good to know that this study stage has different areas. It guarantees a comprehensive learning process with the treatment of cross-cutting elements, ensuring that students achieve all their goals.

Online private elementary school

In addition, this education provides children with a complete learning process with the following characteristics:

– Encourage study and work habits.

– Creativity.

– Positive coexistence.

– Acceptance and expression of emotions.

– Basic notions of culture.

– Writing.

– Reading.

– Mathematics.

– Oral expression and comprehension.

– Among others.

These are some of the specialties taught in this program, which will help the correct development of children in their elementary education stage.


Our elementary school online programs allows us to offer students a comprehensive and personalized online learning experience centered on real-world skills. Our students are unique and different; those differences are opportunities to enrich us and grow as whole human beings.

At MGM online elementary school, we work with planning, order, organization, and strictness to stimulate children to learn and make them the main characters of this educational process. We emphasize their characteristics and evolutionary age, different rhythms, and learning styles, promoting the development of their skills, abilities, and knowledge of themselves and their immediate environment. We strengthen habits and routines for work and their emotional growth.

Through doing, observing, experimenting, playing, relating to each other, and developing social skills, they intertwine previous with new learning. It helps them identify, select, understand, analyze and apply what they are learning in a participatory, creative, responsible, autonomous, meaningful, respectful, and collaborative way.

We are sure that children’s participation and assertive and fluid communication in a trusting, friendly, harmonious, and respectful environment; helps the integral development of our students and their well-being.