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MGM Academy | Miami Online Private School

Our goal is to offer personalized learning that caters to each student’s individual way of learning. We encourage students to think critically for themselves and develop strong moral qualities. This will allow them to make significant and positive contributions to their communities.

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At MGM Academy, we pride ourselves on making an accredited private online education affordable for families.


The programs enhances your child’s learning experiences by encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and early math, and literacy skills.


In partnership with Edmentum, MGM academy offer a curriculum that is purely molded to create opportunities for students.

Online Education Programs

MGM Academy | Miami Online Private School

MGM Academy provide a safe, nurturing environment where children learn, grow, and thrive. The program enhances your child’s learning experiences by encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and early math, and literacy skills.


Pre-K Education

The step-by-step learning path presents a full Pre-K curriculum designed to guide the young learner. As the student completes each lesson, the student is guided to the next level.



Our online elementary program is a wonderful option for starting your child in an elementary school that is tailored to their needs. 
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Our middle school program is rooted in the principles of how students learn. Unlike traditional education, our program helps your child find what interests them, and set a path for success in high school.
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Our High School education program helps students transitioning toward college and then ready for a successful career in areas related to Information Technology, Business, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism.
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Advanced Learners

We offer Advance Learner Programs for students who are ready for more academic challenges and get ahead. Enrichment options include:
  • Curriculum compacting, allowing the student for more rapid progress
  • Enrichment topics
  • Individual course advancement and industry certification options.
mgm academy private virtual school

why MGM online academy?


Our vision is to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers children to reach their educational and personal potential while nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

MGM Academy ensures every student’s intellectual and emotional growth and to promote effective citizenship. We will offer a diversity of curriculum and cultural experiences which meet the individual needs of our students through a school-wide and community effort.

Accredited Homeschool Programs

homeschooling programs

Admission & Enrollment

MGM online offers a comprehensive education program with integration of social-emotional learning for students in kindergarten through 12 grades. 
The program is fully online and allows teachers to employ targeted instruction and intervention to set students on a path toward academic success, emotional and social growth.
Upon enrollment, students will receive access to our online learning platform with access to the courses.


Curriculum & Academic

In partnership with Edmentum, MGM online academy offer a curriculum that is purely molded to create opportunities for students. Our programs do not merely focus on providing the students with degrees and diplomas but also to able them. 

The curriculum and the programs we offer are focused to bring leaders out of the students which enables them to learn skills for a successful practical life and to live independently.

Meet Our Founder MGM ACADEMY

Sai Rivero accredited homeschool programs

Sai Rivero is a clinical psychologist, board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA), and pediatric behavior consultant. She has many years of experience working with children who struggle with mental health illnesses and maladaptive behaviors as well as working with parents in providing personalized expertise, tools, ideas, and solutions using the principles of Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis.

She specializes in assessing behaviors and developing intervention plans for children who demonstrate challenging behaviors, and giving parents the tools, and support to increase structure at home.

Doctor Rivero holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a dual master’s degree in Psychology and Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Dr. Rivero received her BCBA training from the Florida Institute of Technology


Sai Rivero


Latest Reviews

MGM Miami Online Private School

Anibal Cabrera
Anibal Cabrera
I've had my kid here for years and never had a bad experience. 10/10 Would recommend.
osvaldo castro
osvaldo castro
Le recomiendo Este lugar tengo una sobrina que desde la comida de su casa ha avanzado mucho y lo mejor bajo la supervision de su madre
Owen Cabrera
Owen Cabrera
This is the best academy in all of Miami-Dade, you can tell that their staff is well trained and know exactly what they are doing. Very happy with my experience!
Mario Quintero
Mario Quintero
El mejor lugar súper recomendado. La atención fenomenal.
pedro rivero
pedro rivero
Tenemos muy buena experiencia con nuestros nietos y sobrinos en esta academia ' excelente

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MGM Academy of Excellence

Miami Online Private School | Private Online Academy


MGM Academy is an educational option for students with special needs and other disabilities, offering elementary, middle and high school education programs; and whose virtual classes can be received at home or a library, cafeteria or any other place that has an Internet connection.

In a Online Private School, teachers work remotely and have a structured class for their students. Some only receive one or two online classes, while others receive all their virtual classes.

Choosing virtual learning options can be extremely beneficial, especially for exceptional students who often get bored in courses taught by traditional schools.

MGM Academy offers to students the opportunity to work from home and follow an established curriculum, submitting their assignments through our online learning platform. In addition, students receive feedback and ratings from our certified teachers who can communicate via internal email, video conferencing, chat and use the secure web-based system to manage students’ grades, assignments, and tests.

While parents are not asked to be teachers, private online academy often ask parents to get involved in their children’s education. Parents act as a learning coach, helping their child to stay on track.

MGM Academy offers a private, accredited and completely affordable online education with great benefits for children and adolescents’ artists, athletes or who find it difficult to attend a school in person to pursue their preschool, elementary, middleschool and high school studies. Among the benefits we provide are:

  • Flexible schedule: thanks to our online learning platform, the student will be able to receive online school programs at the time that suits them and thus have their time to work or practice sports, art, music or a subject that they are passionate about.
  • Cost savings: studying in virtual online school is cheaper than doing it in a on-site education program. In addition, the student will save travel expenses, uniform, school supplies, materials, etc.
  • At your own pace: the student can learn from any place and device. You will be able to practice the lessons of each course as many times as you require to ensure your maximum learning.
  • Specialized teachers: When the student enrolls in MGM Academy classes, they are assigned certified online teachers to help them with their courses, providing them with personalized advice in all subjects.

Really, there is no specific amount for the cost of homeschooling. It all depends on the budget of each family. Regardless of your financial situation, it is paramount to try to avoid one of the most common mistakes that new homeschooling families make: spending a lot of money without knowing how the student learns best. Sometimes, this leads to the loss of money if you sign a contract or are unable to return the items. That’s why MGM Online Academy is a great choice on virtual learning options. We offer monthly payment plans and the option to start, and cancel your course or any graduate program at any time.

The MGM Online Academy in partnership with EdOptions Academy offering private virtual schools programs by Cognia and the Western Association of Schools and Universities (WASC). This accreditation grants the unique ability to award high school diplomas recognized by schools and colleges across the country and the world.

MGM Academy offers the best possible academic program and learning environment for the comprehensive education of students who have special needs. Our virtual school programs enhance your child’s learning experiences by promoting critical thinking, problem-solving, and early math and literacy skills.

We try as much as possible to ensure that students working within such a program are able to succeed in their lives. Our goal is to facilitate the development of self-confidence and provide our children with the academic foundation necessary for them to reach their full potential and enjoy a successful experience in university education.

All MGM online private school teachers are certified in their area of expertise and have at least 3 years of experience in the classroom and in the academic disciplines in which they teach. Our online teachers help students understand class material and stay on track to reach their academic goals in the online school programs.

The time the student will spend taking classes on the computer will depend on the study program.
In addition, the student must dedicate the necessary time to perform their work in the Online Private Academy. Every day you must spend moderate time studying, reviewing and building, the time is available to each student, therefore, the progress will be according to the time you spend.

This will depend on the path the student takes. To help students reach their full potential, at MGM Academy, we recommend that they use 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week for preschool and 30-40 minutes, 2-3 minutes a week for Primary, per program. However, in our virtual learning options, we decided to leave unlimited access and have the students decide how fast they want to go. This time is online, however, each family delves into the topics and taking notes of the classes seen, so an average time would be:

  • Preschool: 1-2 hours daily.
  • Grades 1-8: 2-3 hours daily.}
  • Grades 9-12: 3 hours daily.

MGM Academy’s headquarters are at 8040 NW Calle 155, Miami Lakes, FL 33016. If you want more information, our contact telephone number is: (800) 656-9454

Indeed, online private academy is often described as an educational alternative that offers more independence and allows students to learn and take courses at their own pace, as well as decide how much time they will devote to a course each day. However, students in grades 6-12 must calculate around 40 hours of time per semester course.

MGM Academy, in partnership with Edmentum, offers a curriculum that is uniquely molded to create opportunities for students. Our accredited online school programs not only focus on awarding students’ degrees and diplomas, but also on training them. 

The curriculum and programs we provide are geared towards drawing leaders from students, allowing them to learn skills for a successful practical life and to live independently.

MGM Online Academy offers excellent academic special online schooling programs and clinical services for exceptional students to achieve their educational, professional, and social goals. In addition, we are the best private virtual school option for other main reasons: 

  • For the extensive experience.
  • Because it is approved by the Department of Education.
  • Because we offer strong and exciting academic programs along with support for the whole child.
  • Because we combine licensed mental health clinicians with certified online teachers to offer students the academic, behavioral, social, and emotional support they need to succeed and independently.
  • For the quality of our educational processes.
  • Because we support a wide range of special disabilities.
  • Strategic alliances.
  • And for much more.

MGM online private school offers virtual learning options, but not all those options are the same as those in traditional homeschooling, where parents choose the curriculum and have the primary responsibility for instructing their children. The private virtual school offers a wide variety of homeschooling programs curricula for purchase, but we also offer full-time, comprehensive education programs, with social-emotional learning integration for students from preschool through grade 12.

At the MGM Online Academy we offer the academic modality.

To take online classes, you only need a computer or laptop with an internet connection.

If it is desktop, you will also need:

  • A microphone.
  • A camera or webcam device.
  • A pair of headphones.

If you have a laptop, you only need the headphones.

When a student is enrolled in our online school programs, the study program is sent through the use of the computer and the Internet, allowing the student to do their coursework at home. The student receives support from our teachers through e-mail (email), telephone and, sometimes, in personalized visits. Students require the supervision and assistance of a parent or a caregiver.

MGM Academy is available to students from kindergarten through grade 12. Our online academy  programs serve students from different backgrounds with different goals, such as:

  • Homebound students.
  • Athletes and artists.
  • Advanced students looking for challenges that are not available in their traditional schools.
  • Home educator.
  • Students with traveling families.
  • Students who want to get ahead or catch up.
  • Student on track for a career.
  • Students with academic or social difficulties in a traditional school setting.
  • Students with special needs.

By enrolling, students will have access to our virtual private school with access to all courses.

In our miami online academy, students do not have to wear uniforms, however, it is recommended that they wear modest attire suitable for the school environment.

Yes, they are valid. All our apprentices and graduate programs are accredited, nationally recognized, and fully valid for college enrollment.

Indeed, although at MGM Academy we have many enrollees with intellectual giftedness (some are schooled) our purpose is to potentiate the talents and skills of each student at their own pace, that is why our school partners have the best accredited online academy programs that provide tutoring and individualized education in the current knowledge of the student from there, potentiate, your child will obtain a completely personalized enrichment whether or not he is gifted.