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K12 Virtual Academy | K12 Accredited Online School

We provide a safe, nurturing environment where children learn, grow, and thrive.

The program enhances your child’s learning experiences by encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and early math, and literacy skills.

MGM K12 Virtual Academy program is interactive and bridges the experiences in classrooms to students’ homes and communities to create a strong connection for learning. The step-by-step learning path presents a full Pre-K curriculum designed to guide the young learner. As the student completes each lesson, the student is guided to the next level.

Our program serves students from different backgrounds with varying goals.

  • Athletes and performers

  • Homebound students

  • Advanced students who seek challenges not available at their local schools

  • Home schooler

  • Students with families that travel

  • Career-Bound Student

  • Students struggling academically or socially in a traditional school environment

  • Students with special needs

  • Students who want to get ahead or catch up.

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We offer 10% discount for Full Payment. We offer a payment plan. Tuition payment is due on the first of each month. A $50 late fee will apply to accounts that pay after the 5th of the month.


Parties This PRIVATE SCHOOL TUITION CONTRACT (“Contract”), made by and between Sai Rivero, School Director of MGM Academy of Excellence (“School”) located at 8040 NW 155th Street, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 and (“Client”). In consideration of the mutual promises and covenants in this Contract, of which the receipt and sufficiency are hereby acknowledged, the parties further agree to the terms as follows: Nature of the Contract The Client agrees to pay tuition for the educational services as defined in the student’s education program from the School. Furthermore, the School agrees to provide the educational services described in the student’s education program in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of the Indiana Department of Education. The Company and the Client agree to comply with the requirements enforced by the Commissioner of Education and the Department of Education. Terms and Conditions • TERM. This Contract will be effective for the current School Year. The contract will be renewed every year, automatically until it is cancelled. • WARRANTIES OF THE SCHOOL. The School warrants that it operates according to the applicable federal and state laws and rules and regulations of the Indiana Department of Education. The School guarantees that it will not discriminate against any employee or student regardless of race, creed, color, disability, national origin, ancestry, or gender identity. • TUITION FEE. The Client agrees to pay the School a tuition fee of $500 each month for the entire school year. The Client shall pay an initial deposit of five hundred dollars ($500.00) upon signing this Contract. The initial deposit amount will be deducted from the total bill due at the end of the school year. • LATE FEE. The Client shall pay the School the monthly tuition due no later than the first (1st) week of each month. If the monthly tuition is not paid twenty (20) days after it is due, the Client will be charged $50 per month on the unpaid balance. • PAYMENT METHOD. The Client will pay the specified fees above to the School via an electronic invoice. • WITHDRAWAL. The Client must pay the remaining tuition fees for the rest of the school year if the student is withdrawn from the school for any reasons other than the School’s request or a mutual agreement during the school year. Any requests for a refund by the Client must be first agreed in writing with the School. • ENTIRE CONTRACT. This entire Contract is governed by the State of Florida and shall bind the parties until its termination.


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k12 virtual school in miami fl mgm academy

Customize-Career Driven Curriculum

K12 Virtual Academy in Miami FL


In partnership with Edmentum, MGM K12 Online Academy offer a curriculum that is purely molded to create opportunities for students. Our programs do not merely focus on providing the students with degrees and diplomas but also to able them. The curriculum and the programs we offer are focused to bring leaders out of the students which enables them to learn skills for a successful practical life and to live independently.

MGM Academy offers a catalog of over 400 Edmentum courses. This State-of-the-Art, accredited career-driven curriculum enables us to offer a comprehensive, customize online learning experience that is based on real-world skills and aligned to state and national standards.

  • It is 100% online

  • Accredited through Cognia

  • Flexible

  • Self-paced and teacher-guided

  • Tailored according to the students’ unique needs.

  •  Rigorous and Engaging Content

  • Text to speech so students can listen to the lesson

  • Career-driven which helps to provide the struggling students more easy and effective pathways to graduation for a bright future. Offering over 100 semesters of Career and Technical Education courses in all 16 nationally recognized career clusters, students engage in a learning experience relevant to the real world.

  • Aligned to state and National Standards in core subject areas-English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies

K12 Online Academy | Accredited Online Schools k-12​

K12 Virtual Academy in Miami FL | K12 Accredited Online School


It is total distance learning where students access course content, activities, assignments, tutors, etc., through the Internet. It consists of an interactive curriculum that links classroom experiences with students’ homes and communities to create a strong connection for student learning.

K12 virtual academy, combines the benefits of traditional public schools, such as certified teachers, quality curriculum, and student clubs, with the personalized attention and ease of online learning from the safety and comfort of home.

Some of the benefits that our virtual private school offers through the online K12 programs study option are:

  • Eliminates physical distances: digital tools can establish communication between students and teachers.
  • Adapted to the unique needs of the students: this modality adapts to the needs of each student, unlike a face-to-face education program.
  • Allows time flexibility: the student can access it at any time available.
  • Increases the number of recipients: this mode of study can address a much wider student audience.
  • At their own pace and guided by the teacher: the student can practice the lessons of each course as often as needed to ensure their learning.
  • Encourages interaction: students can communicate with each other, with the teacher, and with online resources available on the Internet.
  • Availability of online and multimedia resources: the Internet provides instant and unlimited access to an endless number of resources, such as rigorous and attractive content, text, graphics, audio, video, and animations, among others.
  • Possibility of having access to qualified experts: you have the opportunity to interact with teachers and professors who are specialists in each area, which would be difficult to access in person.
  • Easy and quick content updating: the contents taught are easily and quickly updated. Any change in legislation, new resource, etc., can be immediately incorporated into the course.

At MGM K12 virtual academy, we cannot speak of a “typical student” due to the possibilities offered by the Internet today; the students are becoming more and more diverse. Our curriculum caters to students from different backgrounds with different objectives:

  • Athletes and artists.
  • Homebound students.
  • Advanced students seeking challenges are not available at their local schools.
  • Homeschoolers.
  • Students with families who travel.
  • Career-oriented student.
  • Students with academic or social difficulties in a traditional school setting.
  • Students with special needs.
  • Students who want to get ahead or catch up.

Yes, the school has a varied extracurricular program, consisting of more than 400 Edmentum courses, which bring our students closer to the arts, sports, and complementary disciplines that enrich their educational formation.

One of our advantages is giving parents and students in our K12 Virtual Academy​​ is the freedom to choose which curriculum to follow. This advantage allows students to discover their talents and explore their abilities and interests.

MGM’s customized curriculum, aligned with state and national standards, includes English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

MGM K12 virtual academy is accredited through Cognia, a non-profit organization that accredits elementary and secondary schools in the United States and internationall. Our school is aligned and compliant with all state and national standards.

At MGM k12 Private Academy Online, we offer a safe and enriching learning environment already designed and integrated, where children learn, grow, and thrive. It is a private space, provided with the necessary tools for children to learn (communication, documentation, content, interaction, etc.). In addition, our virtual school allows better monitoring of the students’ progress.

Yes, if so, our MGM k12 Private Academy Online​ may be able to facilitate that communication. You can also use our community to connect with other families and learn about online education.

Our K12 Online Academy​ have a study plan strictly molded to create opportunities for students and details subjects to be taken throughout the school year.

At MGM K12 Online Academy, we offer personalized curriculum development and follow-up services for each student, considering their age, grade level, abilities, talents, and interests.

In addition, the curriculum and programs we provide are focused on bringing out leaders in students, allowing them to learn early skills for a successful practical life and independent living.

Learning at MGM Academy is based on active learning methodologies, where children learn by doing.

Our programs and curriculum allow us to offer a comprehensive online learning experience that builds on real-world skills, encourages critical thinking, global question, and problem-solving, and develops early math and literacy skills through project methodology.

In our K12 Online Academy​, along with the curriculum, we offer parents planning and progress tools, including a digital calendar with suggested lessons for each day and an accurate summary of the required time for each class. In addition, our online tracking system helps you determine how your child is progressing in terms of pace and development.