Grievance Procedure

MGM Academy of Excellence is building an inclusive culture of belonging, one that enables individuals to show up as their whole selves through the adoption of policies, practices, and ongoing accountability processes.

Our Grievance Policy is in place for all members to feel safe and respected and to create just communities by actively addressing and preventing acts of racism, abuse, bigotry, harassment, discrimination, and other misconduct or unjust treatment. This policy aims to respond to and reduce such incidents in MGM Academy communities in order to create empowering, inclusive, and safe environments for all members.

Our Commitment

MGM Academy will provide clear and accessible mechanisms for reporting formal Grievances and for receiving critical feedback

  • MGM will take all reported Grievances seriously and respond in a manner that is fair, timely, consistent, and transparent.
  • MGM will address each Grievance in a manner that gives people the assurance their reports have been recorded, are being taken seriously, and will be addressed fairly.
  • Individuals reporting Grievances will not be subjected to retaliation or victimization because of the report.

This policy applies to all people involved in the Free Forest School community, including but not limited to: 

  • staff members
  • Board members
  • volunteers
  • members / participants
  • donors
  • partners

In the event of a Grievance, the report must be submitted in writing to establish a record of the situation. Support is available for submitting a Grievance in writing, including interpretation or translation, when needed. Email [email protected] for assistance.

Community members will not be subjected to coercion, discrimination, reprisal, or unreasonable interruption of services for voicing complaints or recommending changes.

This Grievance policy will continue to develop based on feedback by all MGM members and regular evaluation by its leaders.


If you have experienced harm, you may reach out for help in two ways:



Offer Feedback through an informal report.

Send a confidential Feedback report:

  • Complete the Feedback Form
  • Feedback may be offered anonymously or not anonymously.


Feedback Details


If the informal procedures do not or will not resolve the problem OR you have experienced abuse of any kind, send your complaint as quickly as possible to Free Forest School leadership by filing a formal Grievance:

  • Confidential Grievance reports should be made by completing the Grievance Reporting Form.
  • Reports must include the name and contact information of the reporting person.

Complaint Details

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The notification will be sent to the manager's email address above.