At MGM Academy, we recognize that many important aspects of a student’s school experience happen outside the classroom.
Our student population is diverse, ranging from individuals just beginning out in their professions to seasoned officers preparing for the senior phases of their careers, and everything in between.
Students who engaged in after-school activities on a regular basis improved their work habits and conduct, as well as their academic achievement. Students may improve their time management abilities, boost their self-esteem, and practice goal-setting. While fitting in after-school activities may be difficult, the advantages are well worth the extra work.

A School That Is More than Just a School

Enriching student life is a critical component of our students’ enjoyment and success. Our dedicated team of administrators, instructors, student leaders, and parents work together to ensure that our kids have the chance to make their school life happy and lively. We offer chances for our kids to pursue leadership, artistic outlets, athletics, relationship-building, and academic enrichment at The MGM Academy. We know that allowing for this type of development improves success in their studies. We intended to be more than a school. At the MGM Academy, students experience friendship with intellectual peers, extra-curricular activities, community involvement, and more.

The Arts

Music, visual art, theatre, and filmmaking are all options for our pupils. We encourage the arts at The MGM Academy because students need creative avenues to express themselves and improve their critical thinking skills. Painting, sculpture, photography, movement, theatre, music, and cinematography are all included in our art curriculum. Our school provides classes in visual and media arts, as well as music.
In addition to curriculum study,  MGM Academy provides extracurricular creative activities such as clubs, an annual talent show, student galleries, and our after-school theater troupes.

Student Council

Every autumn, our Upper School students vote for the student council that will guide them. An executive team and grade representatives are appointed.
  • The executive council serves as a link between the student population and the faculty in order to arrange activities such as social barbeques, themed spirit days, inter-House challenges, workshops, and field trips.
  • Grade representatives provide input during executive council meetings, assist student visitors, and serve as student ambassadors at school functions.
  • The student council works together to ensure that student interests are shared with faculty and those students have the opportunity to pursue those interests.

Activities Outside of the Classroom

We provide a wide selection of extracurricular activities for our kids, from sweating in the gym to mixing it up in the kitchen. These are an essential component of the school culture because they allow students to develop collaboration skills, leadership qualities, and long-lasting friendships. MGM Academy provides students with a choice of online organizations and extracurricular activities to choose from. Our clubs provide students with the chance to cooperate and connect with other students in a calm and fun setting led by a staff member who shares the students’ interests and passions. These are:
  • Art
  • Book Clubs
  • Photography and Video
  • Creative Writing and Poetry
  • Music
  • Journalism
  • Dance
  • Fitness
  • Acting
  • Health and Science                                         
  • Computer and Technology
  • Leadership
  • Debate
  • National Honor Society
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Culinary Arts

College Guidance

Individualized college and career counseling are provided at MGM Academy. We urge our students to take the reins of their future planning, and our Student Services Team is available to assess student interest, provide resources, provide support, and coach them as they work toward their objectives. Our counselors are available to meet with students anytime they want to start thinking about secondary and post-secondary choices. Support in the following areas is provided through college and career services, but is not limited to:
  • Creating resume
  • Advising students on direct experience options, such as internships.
  • Navigating college roadmaps.
  • Providing a College Seminar elective, informational college evenings, and college application workshops.
  • Creating and revising a balanced college list depending on the criteria of the student.
  • Obtaining financial planning resources as well as scholarship possibilities.

Health and Wellness

Guidance counseling and social-emotional support are important aspects of the MGM Academy experience.

Social and Emotional Support

The exploration, discussion, and support of students’ social and emotional needs are a component of the MGM Academy’s learning community. Social and emotional development is a school-wide idea that is incorporated into our curriculum, activities, and events. Counselors, staff, instructors, parents, and students all work together to help our children thrive socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Our team is skilled and has worked with the special needs of highly talented kids. Counselors have the chance to get to know kids and give personalized help.


The MGM Academy’s Student Services Team – made up of school counselors and staff – collaborates closely with students, parents, and instructors to help with the creation and monitoring of each student. This service is provided to help with educational difficulties or other concerns that may arise. With a diverse range of educational backgrounds and expertise, we are able to provide many various views and answers in guiding our pupils. We are lucky to work with enthusiastic professionals who genuinely like what they do and who continue to develop and learn about the kids with whom they work at the Academy.